Kasia Bedkowski

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A large banner that reads from Design to Engineering

You have dreamed of this very moment. The time has come when all of your hard work, perhaps months of research, designing, stakeholder reviews, maybe some tears is finally being put into implementation. That beautiful moment every Designer waits for: Engineering Handoff.

You think to yourself: “go my engineers, build, imagine, create… but please dear god go by the f*&!#%@ designs”

For those who have “design” in their job title or perhaps even work in a similar environment this design-to-development handoff process may be all too familiar. There is this so-called “healthy tension” between engineering and design. …

Snippet of the new design

Please note: Without the people named in the roster below, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to represent our team and write about this project that required such close collaboration and teamwork.

Team Roster: Anelese Webster, Nadia Sko, Michelle Fox, Michael Winters, Chloe Chou, Taylor Sullivan, Nawaz Khan, Sam Matthews, John Shen, and Andrew Ngo.

At Everlane we put our customers at the forefront of everything we do. Taking that sentiment even one step further, on EPD (Engineering, Product, and Design) we feel it is our responsibility to cultivate digital spaces that are inspiring, educational, and always evolving to meet our…

A mix of rough and final work created as a Graphic Designer on the Everlane Creative Team.

Can I tell you about a time that I felt absolutely terrified?

I know. Most people want to hear a story about fearlessness, overcoming fear, being bold but here I am, about to share a snippet of a personal conversation that happened just over a year ago with my then Design Lead. It went something like this: “Kasia, let’s talk about what your next steps are as a Graphic Designer.” Silence. “Carla, I think I want to transition to more of the digital side..UX if you will…I think…I think I want to be a Product Designer.” More silence.

I know…

Kasia Bedkowski

Freelance Product Designer currently @Everlane. Self-proclaimed bookworm and outdoors enthusiast. Always learning, always asking questions.

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